I’m Alice June, an Italian singer-songwriter who has recently published her first song: Waterfall. 

Before the solo activity I had different music experiences with pop and rock bands and musical companies across the north of Italy and in Milano theaters and locals. 

I love traveling and I had the chance to spend the last years traveling worldwide, in contact with different types of cultures and music styles which have influenced a lot my music project and my concept of freedom.
The UK indie pop-rock genre had a strong impact on my music project and I take inspiration mainly from groups like Florence and the Machine, Bat for lashes and London Grammar. My music is a fusion and balance of a melodic voice with a vibrant and strong instruments presence. 

I’m currently working on new songs and planning lives across the north of Italy for the summer season, check out the shows session for more info!  

Thank you for passing by, and give me a follow on social medias if you like! 
Alice June

Turn your dreams into projects”