”Alice’s voice, rich and clear, weaves through the instrumentation with skillful precision, making every word she sings feel intimate and personal. What sets ‘The Right Way’ apart is its ability to balance a sense of timeless quality with contemporary relevance. It’s a song that feels like an instant classic, yet entirely fresh and new.”

Broken colors blog, UK

"The way that this song holds emotion is very special and tells a story that is incredibly moving through a tale of soul connections. The vocal layers show the versatility of the artists' range and merge beautifully together to offer something that sounds extraordinary and moving."


"Almost straight from an indie movie soundtrack, she converts the magic of travelling through a major city into a dark, delicate pop number.Spearheaded by intricately composed instrumentation and gentle melodies, ‘City Vibes’ features pleading vocals reminiscent of the likes of First Aid Kit and Eliza Shaddad to create an almost folk-infused track. The floaty and breezy number perfectly highlights June’s incredible ability to pen a narrative and transforming a story into wistful harmonies."

 Lana Williams, Music Is to Blame, UK

“Spinning a rhythmic indie pop sound, with “Flow” Alice June delights her listeners with an instantly memorable uptempo jam. Driven by a bouncy and energising beat, a vivid spread of colourful synth-based instrumentation and topped by her gently soaring vocal leads, on her latest single Alice June drops a captivating and infectiously catchy song as she continues to deliver her exquisite songwriting.“

Plastic magazine, UK

""City Vibes" illustrates the growth that comes with living in an urban area, the way that initial loneliness gives way to a sense of community, revealing Alice June to be a deft storyteller". 

 Fruit Sonic Blog, Dublin, Ireland


Hailing from the Italian city of Milan, Alice June is a singer-songwriter who’s passionate about playing her artistic talents in the English language. Growing up in a small town, she first started her journey by playing roles in local theatre musical productions before moving to the vibrant metropolis of Milan where she started making an impact as a performer on the city’s main stages. 

Traveling the world, a sense of freedom and feelings of love are what provide her muse when making her own original style of indie pop music that draws influence from artists such as Florence + the Machine. 

All of her tracks are recorded and produced between London and her home country of Italy by a team of international musicians and producers, capped off by mastering by multi-Grammy winning sound engineers based in the USA who also work with the likes of Taylor Swift and Alice June’s idol Florence + the Machine.